Lasse Marhaug / Kassel Jaeger - Split

by Lasse Marhaug / Kassel Jaeger

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  • Limited edition cassette - art by Hotu
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Do I really have to try to convince you to buy this cassette?
    We met Lasse at the Présences électronique festival, asked him if he would do a cassette for us -“yeah, sure”.
    We asked Kassel if he wanted to share it - “yeah, sure”.
    We tried to pressure Hotu, asking if he could top the previous split cassette covers - “yeah, sure”.
    Kassel Jaeger's piece is designed to be played on an octophonic sound system.
    It actually is 22 minutes long.
    He doesn't want you to listen to the mp3 on your smartphone, only a high quality Scum Yr Earth cassette will do.
    So buy the cassette, OK?
    (90 copies, buy it now, or cry later)

    Includes unlimited streaming of Lasse Marhaug / Kassel Jaeger - Split via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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One fine day, a meteorite rushing through outer-space met Sun Ra, on his way to his home planet, Venus.
Sun Ra: “Hi meteorite, what’s up?”
Meteorite: “Hello Sun Ra, not much, just visiting”
Sun Ra: “You should go to planet Earth; they dig interplanetary melodies down there”
Meteorite: “Melodies? But I don’t know how to do that, I have no instrument”
Sun Ra: “You are an instrument”
Meteorite: “…”
Sun Ra: “Go to Earth, and check a guy called Kassel, he’ll teach you how”
Meteorite: “Thanks a lot Sun Ra, I’ll do that”
The event took place on October 12th 2013, spreading interplanetary harmonies in the ether.
At the same time, at the bottom of the Styx, all the meteorite’s sisters caught the lovely frequencies, and began to resonate in unison while Lasse was recording.
You're forgiven for thinking this is a made-up marketing story.
This ain’t no story, this is a lesson.


released June 6, 2016

Face 1

Lasse Marhaug


Enregistrée à Oslo en Mars-Avril 2016.
Traitements acoustiques et électroniques par Lasse Marhaug.

Face 2

Kassel Jaeger


Résonances électromagnétique d'une météorite ferreuse provenant du site de Campo Del Cielo.
Présentée en octophonie dans le cadre de l'exposition Multinatural Histories, Harvard Museum of Natural History, 12 Octobre 2013.
Merci aux commissaires de l'exposition, Marcus Owens & Olivier Surel




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